Saturday June 16th, MoSI Bike Picnic and 2012 Tweed Ride

Pip pip! Hope you’re ready for a bike picnic and tweed ride…

The Museum of Science and Industry are holding their annual Bike Picnic this Saturday from noon to 3pm. We plan to meet there from noon and depart at 2.30pm for a gentle potter around Manchester (and a bit of Salford!) with several refreshment stops en-route.

Map of Tweed Ride route for Saturday 16th June 2012

We’ll start the day with a picnic and some bike chat at…

1. MoSI Bike Picnic, Museum of Science & Industry, M3 4FP, from noon – 3pm. Last year’s was held in the Station Building (head straight on from the entrance for approx 100yds).
We’ll depart around 2.30pm travelling via Spinningfields and the new bridge across the Irwell to…

2. The Kings Arms, Salford, M3 6AN. A real ale pub with regular live entertainment, now run by keen cyclist Paul Heaton. Paul won’t be able to greet us as he’ll be cycling from Cornwall to Devon as part of his 50:50 spring tour “to celebrate the art of cycling”. Yummy calories available by way of the vegan cakes at the punk fair.
From here we’ll travel through Salford to Manchester Cathedral and then…

3. The Crown & Anchor, 6 Cateaton Street, M3 1SQ (or similar, nearby)
Then via St Ann’s and Piccadilly Gardens to…

4. The Norther Quarter – exact venue TBC.
Then a short journey by the new Co-op building and on to…

5. Angel Meadow Park. We’ll end the ride at the with a visit to Pop Up Bikes (CafĂ©) or The Marble Arch (Pub), or both!

Send a message via our contact form if you want any more info or a mobile number to help you meet us en-route.

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5 Responses to Saturday June 16th, MoSI Bike Picnic and 2012 Tweed Ride

  1. Chris Nowell says:


    I may be able to make it on Saturday – not sure at this stage as may have to collect one of the kids from Uni

    There was an article on this week’s BBC Countryfile about Pashley and the Beeb asked me to take part with a couple of my chums.
    Click on link to view BBC iPlayer record of it. The article starts at about 44mins 15 secs


    Hope to see you Saturday



  2. What ho!
    I have been in communication with Jonathan, and he suggests I leave a message here, regarding my offer of bike loans. We have a sizeable collection of vintage bicycles, and are willing to bring several of our extra machines, for people to borrow, if they would prefer to ride a ‘retro’ (ugh, that word!) bicycle, but have no access to one. We will be able to bring a maximum of two tandems and four solo machines, in addition to our own two or three. There is available a lovely little ‘shopper’, a light ‘mixte’ (both with baskets), a couple of 1950s gentlemens roadsters, and a vintage carrier cycle (postie’s variety), an ‘upright’ pretty tandem, and a posh French randonneur tandem (worth a lot of money, this one!).
    Please contact me on 07761 401829 or 01253 315736 to arrange, as we will only bring what has been reserved.
    See you on saturday
    Rowan & Raven

  3. Chris,
    Just watched it. excellent, despite concentrating rather on the Guvnor, with scant regard to Pashley’s more practical machines. I particularly liked how they cut from the idyllic scene of four happy, tastefully dressed people on Pashleys, rolling into the distance in conversation and laughter, straight into a shot of a miserable-looking bloke strapping a piece of pointy plastic to his head, zooming out to reveal how ridiculous he looked (he was a ‘mature’ gent) dressed in skin-tight adveritements. He then mounted a horrible bit of carbon-fibre and proceeded to balt along with his head down. I couldn’t think of a more demonstrative way to portray the idiocy of lumping bicycle-based sports in under the heading ‘cycling’! Well done on your part, Chris, you looked most dapper.

  4. Jonathan says:

    I watched and enjoyed the clip this morning – nice work Chris!
    At the end of the clip Chris had a smile and some nice memories, the other guy had a sweat and a medal – no contest who was the winner in my mind.

    It’s a shame that the word cyclesport doesn’t get used more, there seems to be no problem differentiating between motoring and motorsport but for some reason all cyclists are lazily lumped together. Hey-ho, at least we can go for a joy ride in the old fashioned sense of the phrase :)

  5. I have always wondered what peoples’ reaction would be to a TV announcer saying “And now we go live to Silverstone, with Murray Walker, for some Motoring”.

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