I Say Old Chap, What’s All This About, Then?

Tweed Rides are minimum-exertion, maximum-elegance jaunts for the stylish lady and gentleman cyclist about town. We usually meet in a park or café then go for a sociable pootle in our rainy city. Picnics, pints and pottering are just a few of our favourite things, and if they’re yours too, we would be honoured if you could join us soon.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a vintage steed and a wardrobe full of tweeds – we’re a relaxed bunch and whilst we admire and appreciate a bit of effort, our motto is: “it’s more about the attitude than the attire”!

Manchester Tweed Ride takes place quarterly, so do scribe these dates in your diaries: first Sunday of January, April, July and October 2015. For updates on start times and venues, join us on Facebook – Manchester Tweed Ride – and follow us on Twitter @TweedRideUK